The two-pivoted headrest allows precise adjustments of the angle and the height, giving comfort and support to neck and head at any seating position. (Pic. 1)


Adjustable Armrest with Polyurethane Armpad (AJ5)
Adjustable armrest allows height adjustment, armpad sliding and rotation to firmly support elbows and eliminate stress for extended hours of work; while the polyurethane armpad is soft and designed to enchance support with best comfort. (Pic. 2 & 3)


Fixed Armrest (FA3)
Trendy shape moulded polypropylene armrest in black finish. (Pic. 4)


Tilting Mechanism (M1)
Point synchronized mechanism with multi-locking system, allows separate tilting angle of backrest and seat, making every seating position a perfect balanced environment. (Pic. 5)


Tilting Mechanism (M2)
Swivel metal synchronized mechanism with one locking system at the seat right posture and tilt at 16 reclining position, allows separate tilting angle of backrest and seat, ease user movement for different postures. (Pic. 6)


Polyurethene Moulded Foam
High density polyurethane moulded foam comes with fire retardant feature, gives the seat flexibility to comfort user, provides great support and best comfort even for long seating hours. The black finish seat cover below is designed for greater protection to the foam, quality upholstery and user safety. (Pic. 7)


Lumbar Support
Artfully designed moulded polypropylene backrest can be arched to create an excellent support for the lumbar and disperse overall pressure on the spine disk, allows ergonomic comfort and stability. (Pic. 8)


Sleek Aluminum Base (CB2)
5 pronged die-cast aluminum polished base provides an alternative finishing to users. 60mm nylon dual-wheel castors enable user to swivel in any direction in a perfect balanced environment. (Pic. 9)


Sleek Nylon Base (CB4)
5 pronged sleek nylon base, generates by highly sophisticated ambience to provide strong stability. 50mm polypropylene castors enable user to swivel in any direction in a perfect balanced environment.(Pic. 10)