Office Table Singapore

This is where the most important moments occur. Where ideas are shared and decisions are made. The meeting table sets the terms of your discussions and dealings. Signing on paper against mahogany or teak creates the professional atmosphere for closing top-notch deals.

OFC Furniture offers a diverse range of conference tables that can fit your ideas. Choose the perfect office desk furniture and take your business to new heights.


We can help you with:

  • OFC Furniture focuses on providing quality solutions in the furnishing of office spaces.
  • We carry a diverse range of workstations, office seating, office furniture, and storage solutions. Our special office tables are available in different varieties, so if you are looking for discussion table, Meeting table or any other kind of office table, OFC Furniture should be your ultimate destination.
  • We offer a diverse selection of chairs that can be customized to client’s needs, including the different range of fabric chairs, mesh chairs, and leather chairs.
  • Our office solutions consist of the thin panel, frame and tile, and desk-based office furniture that fully meets the needs of the current marketplace.


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