Office Panel System Workstation Singapore

Our Office Panel System Workstation is a versatile solution designed to meet the evolving needs of modern workplaces, emphasizing adaptability and efficiency. It offers various customization options, allowing users to configure their ideal workspace to align with their unique workflow and aesthetic preferences. This workstation promotes collaboration and teamwork with its ability to create open-plan layouts and shared workspaces, breaking down physical barriers and encouraging free-flowing communication among team members. Additionally, it is engineered with productivity in mind, offering thoughtful cable management and integrated power solutions to keep workspaces organized and devices ready for action.

Furthermore, the Office Panel System Workstation strongly emphasises workplace well-being. It provides adjustable seating options and ergonomically designed desk surfaces to enhance user comfort during extended work hours, prioritising health and productivity. Overall, this workstation is a holistic solution that addresses the diverse needs of today’s dynamic workplaces, delivering efficiency, collaboration, and well-being in one comprehensive package.

Frameless Panel - 18mm

Frame Panel = 25mm 35mm 55mm

OFC FURNITURE– What can we help you.

  • OFC Furniture is a renowned name in office furniture in Singapore. We focus on providing quality solutions in the furnishing of office spaces.
  • We carry a diverse range of mix and match office workstations consist of rectangular, L shaped, open concept desking workstation, office panel system workstation, office seating, office furniture, and modular storage cabinet solutions. 
  • Our office tables are also available in different legs structure varieties of your choice, and if you are looking for discussion table, meeting table or any other kind of office table, OFC Furniture should be your ultimate destination.
  • Our office workstation are design to be cost effective, flexible and responsive to changes in work styles and office environments, and designed to support the changing organization, accommodating new work styles and office environment that fully meets the needs of the current marketplace.
  • We offer a diverse selection of mesh chairs that can be customized to client’s needs, including the different choice of color finishes for seat & mesh.