Office Workstation Singapore

The office workstation is the extension of a person’s workspace. It can facilitate processes to provide added efficiency and comfort. In the fast-changing world of work style and dynamics, office system furniture in Singapore is a primary catalyst to set the tone of work and facilitate office processes. Our range of office system furniture designed from the floor up to meet those needs. An integrated program of thick and thin panes based workstations, free standing desk, office partition, offering well designed, cost-effective furniture solution for the modern office.


Open concepts

For an environment that encourages discussions and immediacy, the open concept office furniture allows people to communicate with one another as they work on their task. Suitable for work that requires a high degree of cooperation and creativity. Open concept workstation is workspace cum discussion table. Contact us for any inquiries to find out how we can help you today!


Workspace privacy partitions

For work that requires deep and thorough and concentration, office partitions can greatly reduce distraction and allow one to delve deep into work and solve complex issues.


Installation without disruption

OFC Furniture understands business requires perpetual attention and aims to minimize disruption during installation of office systems. Our experienced contractors will plan and install the furniture in an organized and haste fashion to reduce disruption to office processes.


Cable management

Cable management can be distressing to take care of. Our furniture feature top class systems that allow the high capacity of cable to run through the length of the desktop. Users have “plug and play” immediate access, with power, data, and voice outlets and cable dump concealed below the worktop flap.


We can help you with:

  • OFC Furniture is a renowned name in office system furniture in Singapore. We focus on providing quality solutions in the furnishing of office spaces.
  • We carry a diverse range of workstations, office seating, office furniture, and storage solutions.
  • We offer a diverse selection of chairs that can be customized to client’s needs, including different range of fabric chairs, mesh chairs, and leather chairs.
  • Our office solutions consist of thin panel, frame and tile, and desk-based office furniture that fully meets the needs of the current marketplace.


Customization Every office space is unique and different businesses require different work processes. We provide custom designs for office workstations, made to measure specific to your business and office needs to make your day to day work routines run easier and faster. Below are some of the features we can provide. Contact us for any inquiries to find out how we can help you today!