Be the master of your creation. Fit your furniture to your space. Arrange the modulor model lounge system awording to your needsand interior space. Design your own functional space.


The Living Room

Customize Mode to your preferred orientation for interaction, both personal and business. It enables freedom to use and decorate your interior and encourages interaction and collaboration bridging relationships and spars creativity and innovation.


The Transition

Discreet, or open? It’s your choice. It comes in different functional modular building blocks. Allowing you to pick and build your own lounge with your own purpose and style, be it in the lobby or at the pantry, there are bound to be a perfect arrangement.


The Line

Designed to be versatile and multipurpose. Arranged in a linear form with an added twist at center of each long seating and voila, a waiting public seating with human interaction in mind. No more boring waits facing the back of another person.


Mode details